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Earlier this year I wrote myself a letter. I do this twice a year, at the beginning of each semester. Because at that Time, I am most confident and Enthusiastic to create new stuff. When I feel overwhelmed by stress I open that letter to get a confidence boost from my past self.

Most of us tend get in our own way with this self-doubt. Especially in stressful situations it’s difficult to be kind to yourself. But when I write to my future self, I find it way easier to treat myself like a good friend.

Me_Mo is a project that explores how this effect could be enhanced with the help of augmented reality. What if you could just listen to your past selfs messages face to face? Imagine placing different versions of yourself all around your home!In this case I chose the surface of a mirror.

Here’s how it works:
First, you form a 3D character with play dough to represent yourself. That helps you to generate distance from your thoughts and to address yourself in a friendly manner. Their Name is Mo. After scanning Mo with your phone, they come to life on your mirror.

There are different ways to interact with Mo: You can record a voice message (They are called Me Mos) while Mo mimicks your body language. Then you can send that message to a scheduled time in the future. And of course Mo will replay the message once it is due.

With Me Mo you won’t silence your inner critic. But you might learn to befriend it.