how spatial computing could improve social media

still of an avatar laying on the floor
simulator draft
separate virtual realities


Before Social Media migrate to Mixed Reality, Designers have the unique opportunity to reimagine them. Gray is a project that explores, on a small scale, the concept of a common virtual reality.

Originally, social media was built upon a noble idea: The virtual towns square, that brings people together. Unfortunately over the years, an abundance of factors led them to do more of the opposite: providing fuel to societal division, hate speech and misinformation. While Mixed reality will certainly not fix all these problems, some aspects of the technology could prevent the dehumanisation of other users. What if mixed reality technology was used to merge realities rather than to separate them?

Based on that research, I came up with two key design principles for a shared AR experience: Avatar modes and Anchor Objects.

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article, 3D animation, playable simulator




  • interactive
  • UX
  • mixed reality


uni, bachelor thesis

tools used

  • unity
  • blender

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