grounding exercise in augmented reality

A table with a chair and a white chair in front of it, with an AR character standing on the table.
virtual humanoid standing on a table, checking in with you
still of 3D character walking on  brown  background


I have a ritual of writing a letter to my future self at the start of a new project. When my confidence and creative drive are at their peak. I save these letters for moments of stress, seeking a boost from my past self.

With spatial computing, meeting older versions of yourself face to face could be made possible. MeMo is a project, that playfully explores how this interaction could look and feel like.

Here's how it works:

  1. Create a 3D character to identify yourself with, using a special clay; I call my character "Mo."
  2. Scan Mo with your phone, and they come to life on your mirror, if you don’t have a headset device, or around your living space if you do.
  3. Interact with Mo in various ways: Check in, Record voice messages and Schedule these messages for future playback

Don't silence your inner critic. Befriend it!


animation, video




  • speculative
  • UX
  • mixed reality



tools used

  • blender
  • after effects