low tech sleep cycle tracker

person holding the sleep calendar
paper sleep tracker on a bed side table
multiple paper sleep tracker on a wall with infograph overlay
paper prototype of a sleep calendar
rendering of paper sleep tracker on a wall
exhibition concept
infograph about sleep data


The rise of smart watches has proven that people love to understand their body data.

Many people choose to make their bedrooms a no phone zone, which is great; but it defeats the purpose of a sleep tracking app. Mimosa is a lo-tech paper tool that helps people to understand and analyse their sleeping habits. No app needed!

Reduced to a single interaction, Mimosa combines the ritual of data tracking with its simultaneous visualisation. This makes it a more mindful activity, so you automatically pay more attention to it. It’s simple: Through being displayed, the object’s ever changing ornamental state becomes part of the owners surroundings, while their circadian rhythm gently moves up their priority list.


paper prototype




  • data
  • paper prototype
  • product design



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