Poetic AR

adding layers to poets performances

Artwork, splitting an AR lens into it's layers
people taking part at a workshop

Poetic AR

Poetic AR uses augmented reality as a creative tool with an approach filled with play and poetics. To create prompts to challenge what our phone camera can see, breathe meaningful moments into overwhelming social media platforms, and invent new metaphors for our reality.

"Though today AR is interpreted as casual, ephemeral visual experiences, as a medium it is a powerful invitation to blur boundaries and create alternative worlds and narratives. We are interested in what can emerge by bridging older modes of self-expression, such as poetry, storytelling, games, and performance, with newer forms of shareable, interactive, spatially aware methods. Linguistic expressions can now interrogate spatial ones, analogies can become literal, and performers can enjoy a multiplicity of identities."

As Part of my Internship at Imaginatopn of Things, my colleagues and I created a workflow, organized a workshop, and produced a series of poetic AR experiences in collaboration with poets and spoken word artists based in Amsterdam.


AR applications




  • AR development
  • workshop
  • mixed reality




  • Imagination of Things
  • Abdelrahman (Abdo) Hassan
  • Chimira Natanna

tools used

  • lens studio

further reading

DDW 2022