Spaces of Life

interactive architecture exhibition

person viewing an a model of a building through an iPad with AR filter

Spaces of Life

For their first solo exhibition "Spaces of Life," Büro Ole Scheeren showcased their biggest projects at ZKM Karlruhe. Together with Imagination of Things and Max van Leeuwen, I worked on six AR lenses that could be experienced through visitors' private devices. With replicas up to 3 meters high, visitors truly got immersed through the digital layer

Each lens revealed one specific aspect of the project, such as creating the illusion of being able to peek inside solid buildings or adding urban context. All of them incorporated a small interaction to reveal more information or simply an Easter egg.

With a less tech savvy target group, intuitive UX design was crucial.

This was a quite technical project that made use of the more experimental features in Lens Studio. We created custom Landmarkers with 3D scans and location data so that visitors' devices didn't necessarily have to be high-end for the lenses to run smoothly.


AR applications




  • AR development
  • exhibition
  • interactive




  • Imagination of Things
  • Max van Leeuwen


  • Büro Ole Scheeren
  • ZKM Karlsruhe

tools used

  • lens studio, after effects, polycam

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